Saudi Water Authority

Ambition to build a water future

Saudi Water Authority

The Saudi Water Authority (SWA) is responsible for regulating and monitoring water sector business and services to enhance water sustainability and achieve the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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About Saudi Water Authority

Production is divided into two main parts. The first part involves using innovative technologies to turn highly salty seawater into usable fresh water through desalination. Desalination also enhances the use of natural resources by purifying the water from dams and wells.

Production Supply Chains

Thermal Technologies

In this process, seawater is heated through several stages. At each stage, a specific amount of pure water is condensed. Flash evaporation: In this process, seawater is rapidly heated in a single vessel to produce pure water vapor. Pure water is evaporated as flash steam.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse osmosis is a process that separates water from a pressurized brine solution using a membrane. The water feed is compressed without the need for heating, boiling, or change in state. The amount of discharged water can reach up to 60% of the water feed.

Natural Water Purification

Reverse osmosis technology is commonly used to purify ground and surface water due to the lower salt content compared to seawater. As a result, the rate of desalinated water from the water feed can reach up to 90%.

Production Numbers

+ 40

Production Plants

Production Structure of Desalination (33) Public Sector Plants (8) Private Sector Plants

+ 11

Million m3/day

The total production capacity of desalination, where the public sector is responsible for (7.5M) m3/day and the private sector (3.6M) m3/day.

+ 139

Purification unit

The number of ground and surface water purification units exceeds (139), which contributes to enhancing water supplies for several regions of the Kingdom.

+ 4

Million m3/day

Total capacity of surface groundwater purification units exceeds (4M) m3/day.

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logo abstract background
Description of Image 4Sustainability

Progressing towards a sustainable water industry to enhance water security, and protect the environment

Description of Image 3Innovation

Developing water technologies to meet economic and environmental goals

Description of Image 2Development

Promoting water industry stability to support societal and economic growth

Description of Image 1Life

Water is essential for supporting life, stabilizing society, and improving individual well-being

Authority roles

Supervisory role

Providing strategic support for the water system to ensure the implementation of national legislation, directions, and policies, as well as contributing to building and leading water-related initiatives through:

  • Empowering planning and water security
  • Leading industry localization programs
  • Promoting local content in the water sector
  • Enhancing the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and scientific research locally and globally

Regulatory Services

Enforcing regulations that ensure safe, clean, reliable, and high-quality water supplies at reasonable competitive prices, achieving justice among consumers, and guaranteeing water access for everyone to fulfill their needs while safeguarding the rights of consumers, service providers, and the public interest.

Interim operational role

SWCC is SWA’s transitional operational wing, responsible for operating groundwater and surface water purification assets and sources, as well as desalination assets owned by the public sector.

The organization will continue, through its operational arm (SWCC), to operate the assets of desalinated water production until they are transferred according to the relevant committees (based on Cabinet Decision No. 652).