The Saudi Water Authority Initiates Advanced Technology to Produce Calcium Carbonate with 97% Purity


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Riyadh - Saudi Arabia


July 2, 2024

The Saudi Water Authority has initiated the implementation of advanced technology to produce calcium carbonate with a purity of 97%. Represented by its research division, Water Technologies Innovation Institute & Research Advancement (WTIIRA), the Saudi Water Authority is pioneering an innovative technology to maximize the use of cement factory by-products (ash material) and desalination water discharge. This project aims to produce high-purity calcium carbonate (Vaterite) with up to 97% purity. The initiative contributes to environmental conservation, supports the circular economy, and aligns with the Saudi Green Initiative by reducing carbon emissions.

The calcium carbonate extraction project is a cornerstone of the Authority’s “Zero Liquid Discharge” technology strategy, which seeks to optimise wastewater use in water desalination production systems. By integrating cement factory by-products, which are typically harmful to the environment, with desalination water reflux, the project promotes environmental innovation and the development of sustainable technologies.

This project results from a research partnership established in 2022 between the Saudi Water Authority, represented by WTIIRA, the South Korean company Taehyung, and the South Korean National University. The partnership involved close collaboration in engineering design, research, and feasibility studies to activate the technology. The manufacturing unit was piloted in South Korea in 2023 and underwent extensive operational tests for six months, confirming its optimal performance.

Additionally, by extracting valuable metals and salts from the salty backwater in its desalination production systems, the Saudi Water Authority aims to generate an added value of 1.5 billion riyals annually by 2030. This includes producing high-quality drinking water and extracting bromine, high-purity sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium sulfate utilized in the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, construction, food, and various chemical industries.