Saudi Water Authority Concludes Third Edition of 'Tamkeen' Program in Riyadh


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Riyadh - Saudi Arabia


July 4, 2024

Today, Thursday, the Saudi Water Authority concluded the third edition of the “Tamkeen” program aimed at qualifying recent graduates with bachelor's and master's degrees. The event was attended by His Excellency the President of the Saudi Water Authority, Engineer Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Abdulkarim, along with several leaders of the authority in Riyadh. The program successfully trained 150 young men and women specializing in administration, engineering, and scientific fields across 12 sectors of the water system. This initiative, conducted over more than six months, is part of the Authority’s efforts to develop national competencies, enhance human capabilities, and equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to enter the labor market.

His Excellency the Chairman of the Authority congratulated the program participants in his speech on this occasion, stating, "The Saudi Water Authority's dedication to training outstanding young men and women is part of a broader strategy to cultivate a new generation of workers across all sectors of the water system. This aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Water Strategy." He highlighted the excellence of the “Tamkeen” program participants who, after receiving comprehensive training, have acquired valuable knowledge and skills that enhance their professional lives and pave the way for their success. He emphasized that the program serves as a gateway to the labor market and a more prosperous future, enhancing job opportunities, meeting the water sector's talent needs, and empowering young professionals to contribute to sustainable development.

The "Tamkeen" program, initiated by the Authority several years ago, aims to prepare young talents for the labor market and equip them for the future in various specializations. These include business and project management, human resources, law, media and marketing, accounting, engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, and information technology. Participants receive practical on-the-job training using the latest methodologies and technologies, contributing to developing a generation capable of addressing future challenges in the water sector and fostering the growth and prosperity of the Kingdom.

The training areas concentrated on several key sectors, including water desalination and purification, sustainability, strategy and planning, and research and innovation. These vital sectors are pivotal in achieving sustainable development goals and enhancing the Kingdom's water security.