3 Billion Liters of Water Pumped into Mecca Region Over 3 Days


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Mecca - Saudi Arabia


June 19, 2024

The Saudi Water Authority (SWA) announced that it has pumped over 3 billion liters of fresh water into Mecca and the sacred sites during the days of Tarwiyah, Arafah, and the first day of Eid al-Adha. This significant effort is part of its operational plan aimed at ensuring a sustainable supply through production, transmission, storage, and distribution systems to accommodate the pilgrims and all beneficiaries during this year's Hajj season, 1445 AH.

The components of the water system successfully reached this significant milestone through coordinated efforts and prepared plans. Water Desalination, the interim desalination arm of SWA, along with the production systems of the Saudi Water Partnerships Company and its partners in the private sector, managed to increase the production capacity to record levels. Simultaneously, the Water Transmission and Technologies Co. delivered the produced water to the National Water Company, which concluded the integrated efforts by distributing and pumping the required quantities of water to Mecca and the Holy Sites.

The water system continued to harness its collective capabilities and efforts to serve the pilgrims and personnel, in line with the wise leadership's directives to devote all efforts to serve the pilgrims of the Holy Mosque and achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 to ensure ease and tranquility for the pilgrims as they perform their rituals.